How can I get players?

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  1. I can't seem to get any players even though I've tried advertising on many Minecraft server lists.
    Don't suggest PMC or
    Also make sure its //[Free]\\

    Okay thanks!
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  2. Hey there,

    Nice to meet you, and I probably do not have the answer for you, but hopefully some suggestions might help you get started.

    Since you're limited to free: Don't forget about offline advertising. Word of mouth is huge. Simply asking your fans to help you spread the word can do a lot. Offer some unique stickers (that are easy to remove) to dump or put on school/college news boards etc might be a way. Simply participating in communities online and putting your server in the signature might be a way. If there are gaming events nearby you could go to: go.. just hang out, talk to people: network. Who knows who you run into to collaborate with and have them give you a shoutout or maybe offer to host a game event with them through your server.

    A little creativity and outside of the box thinking can get you to go from local to global and increase that monthly growth.
  3. Try PCM (Planet Crafting of Mine) or
  4. Either you didn't read the first post: and that says something.
    Or you are just trolling: which says enough.
  5. I can tell you the best thing i can think of for free, Dump on pmc a everytime you can and post on nsl (New server list) but mostly its staff hunters + people who play for 5 - 10 minutes, other then that what mrfloris said, Oh also something i forgot Youtube works wonders, but 90% of the time for anyone big with a lot of avg views you need money, so its worth trying for ingame perks!
  6. I agree, just having some minecraft videos yourself can draw in some attention as well.
    Just remember: things take work, and they take time.
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  7. He said not PMC or; I gave him alternatives.
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  9. I don't have many players. Already advertised on PMC and
  10. BGHDDevelopment


    Trying to get players for free is very difficult, even though you said your limited to free I would attempt to save some money and hire a YT. Its the best way and it will work, players mostly just leave if you dont have the budget to run a server.
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  11. You could hire a youtuber / streamer / marketing manager or look at partnering with discords.
  12. Legoman99573


    About 90% of people who join my server bug me to hire them as staff or they would DDoS the server or try some other stuff because they get salty about it.

    TL;DR: Most kids who even get staff don't come back, so it's best to all sure they are active in the server before hiring them.

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