Solved How can I get the text of a yaml file and get it on my .java file

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  1. I know it's a stupid question but I don't know how to get the text from format
    Code (Text):
        enabled: true
        format: "&c%player^ &8>>"
    to my file. could someone tell me how to do it please?
  2. You mean like copy the entire config into your Java file or just certain values?

    Edit: Nvm, didn't read it properly. Do
  3. I want to get the things on format, like the text between "", where it says "&c%player^ &8>>"
  5. I mean, what else do I have to put? maybe something of getText or something like that? So what do I have to put like if i want to do a player.sendMessage(what does it have to say inside here)
  6. Doesn't matter, I already found out how:
    Code (Text):
    List<String> message = messages.getStringList("");
                    for(int i=0;i<message.size();i++) {
                        String text = message.get(i);
                        player.sendMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', text.replaceAll("%player%", player.getName())));
    But thank you so much anyways
  7. Optic_Fusion1

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    actually, just do

    String format messages.getString("");
    assuming it only has one format
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  8. Oh, thanksss, because it still didn't work, and thx to you it does. :)