How can I have 2 computers(each have a spigot spigot server) on the same network be connected with b

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  1. i don't know how to connect them. here is my bungee config. the test server is the one that is on the other pc. when i try to connect i get an error saying could not connect to default or fallback server, please try again lator:
  2. On your default port, run the bungecord. (online mode)
    And set it to point to the two other ones, each on their own ip and own port. (offline mode)

    Make sure you have ipforwarding, ipwhitelisting, firewalling, and configuration setup properly.

    People that connect to the public ip on the server ports, should get a 'go away, connect to the domain please' msg.
    And ppl connecting to your public ip on the default port like 25565, should be allowed to connect (and then get pushed to the right internal server.

    If there's a config for a fallback server, i guess if you push them to one, the other is the fallback. I am not too familiar with bungeecord fallback. i am sure the wiki has info about this.
  3. people can connect to the main lobby which is hosted on the same machine as bungee is but its the test server on the other machine that me nor anyone can connect to.
  4. it still does not work
  5. Maybe post the bungeecord config file? someone with more bungee experience might spot the issue.

    it feels like a misconfiguration. the one system can't internally recognize the other, or the route isn't happening.
  6. You can't use a local IP like that.....(I don't think...Use local host instead, Wait, inside your home network trying to use Bungee...Hmm Never tried that.)
    Grammar error....
    1. Fallback_server:
    2. motd: thing
    3. adddress: localhosst:25574
  7. Ok will try but im not sure because they are on different machines the spigot server and the bungee server
    (update) doesn't work probably because they are on different machines and its not the same IP.
    btw im using the ipv4 address on the test server machine
  8. Fix the Grammar error maybe that is the only problem. host only has 1 s. Also address misspelled.
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  9. You will prob have to use the external IP with Port Forward to that Port.
  10. k i fixed the grammar error and im changing it to the external ip
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  11. Need me to try to log on? I'm bored lol.
  12. i can also provide the configs for the other test server
  13. Is that port forwarded in the router for that computer?
  14. yes it is port forwarded and sure it would help ill msg you the ip
  15. Its in your config you posted....
  16. no its not the ip thats in the config is the ip of the other machine
  17. What version?
  18. 1.8.9 is the version

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