how can i load world with broken chunks?

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  1. i got an issue. The WorldPainter generating the map with broken chunks, and the spigot server just can't load it and crushing. is there any way to start the spigot server with this world or fix the map? there is a link to download map, core and log:

    IF u could help me, i would be so thankful

    This tool can get co-ords and give you a region file that a chunk is a part of. You can then go into the world folder and level data, delete the region file it gives you, and it will regenerate it for you.
  3. but the issue is - this is a big (8k x 8k) map, so deleting of chunk will couse normal world generation of this chunk, which gonna brake my costume buildings.
  4. I dont know if theres a forum for World Builder or a guide/documentation on the software, but I would recommend checking for those, to help find your issue.
  5. Thanks so much! If you will findout some solutions, just let me know about it:}

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  6. Also in addition, official minecraft client loading this world but the spigot or paper spigot - not
  7. Do you have an error log from Spigot or Paper Spigot stating it cannot load the world, and why ?
  8. Did you try to load it in singleplayer and use this *loaded* map on server then?
  9. Hello you need this
  10. What do you mean dead?
    It is a program which is useful and at the same time allows to fix corrupted chunks
    You can only thank that program exists and even more for free, don't belittle other people's work
  11. What he means, is that McEdit hasnt been updated in a very long time, and doesnt support much of the latest world generation and systems.
    It hasnt been updated in close to 2 years (from the dev builds) so its perfectly fair to say its not the best solution these days.
  12. I still think it's better than nothing :D
  13. Yes. Moreover, I refreshed the chunks by merging them into same world. I also tryed to merge the chunk in World, generated by spigot. I tryed the paper, all of this actins are faled. There could be a solution accorded to mcEdit, but it’s dead.
  14. is there any way how can I convert the whole map into schematic? My video driver (by unknown reason) doesn’t allow me to download forge for 1.14.4, so if somebody from here could try to convert the huge map into schematic and bring in the biomes, that’s gonna be perfect
  15. Strahan


    Well, if the chunks are corrupt then it's moot as you already likely lost any custom buildings in that area.

    Err.. if you mean using WorldEdit, highly unlikely. The region would need to be the entire world, then //copy will likely crash the server trying to copy that much. MCedit can export as a schematic, and likely much more reliably, but as mentioned prior it's outdated so it may not be the best idea. Have you tried using MCedit yet? Even if it's outdated, it can't hurt to try assuming you have backups.
  16. Any time that this happened to me I ended up just going to a backup of the world... Although I'm sure there's probably a much better way of dealing with this issue.
  17. have you tried to use region fixer to fix the corrupted region ? or find the exact region file containing the corrupted region and remove that file to re-generate just that region?
  18. I don't know if it was just my idiocy. But when I had this issue I couldn't get the region fixer to work. (Windows 10)