How can I make PermissionsEx clearer?

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  1. Hello,
    i just startet to create a new Server. I startet with permissionsEx. To get all the Permissions organzied i wantet to make topics Like Permissions from essentials. Like in this Picture

    The Permissions worked so i thought i found a possibility but then i had to saw that the green Topics just got cleared.

    Is there a possibility to make it more organized and clearer?

    I hope someone can help me. I don't want to create the same mess i did on my old PermissionEx yml.
  2. Well if you build your ranks from lowest to the highest you can inherit the lower rank into a higher rank etc.
    This way you don't need to specify all permissions for each rank which can clear your file up by quite a bit.
  3. You mean this what i marked?

    I want to have topics like i showed ine the frst picture.
  4. There is a fork of PEX out there that add a web GUI for editing the permissions.

    Another great permissions plugin is LuckPerms. It also has an amazing web GUI that you can basically do anything with. Check it out here: LuckPerms.
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  5. If I can remember, there is also zPermissions who is used by some servers.
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  6. I tried LuckPerms but its just completly Confusing. So i went back to permissionsEx.
  7. Luckperms can be confusing at the start but it's easy to learn. The wiki pages is very detailed and the Discord server is the best place for help apart from the Wiki pages. It's more recommended to use over PermissionsEX.

  8. Well there’s a trick go on the web and search pex premade and copy it and empty your permission file and paste then edit it remove perms add perms accordingly to what server you have. Now it’s simple.

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  9. Olloa you dont undrstand. I have no Problem with creating it, i need tipps how i can make it organzied.
  10. Just use inheritance
  11. Yeah
  12. I already do, but its still too much.[​IMG]
  13. It's fine. Thats how it's done. You dont need to look at it anymore