How can i open a command to unop players?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by MeteAndTed, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. I was said everyone do /rtp but they said "We need to get op to use this command":cry:
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    At first, /rtp seems to be a spigot plugin (RandomTeleport, correct me if I'm wrong), so your are in the wrong section.

    The second point, you can't op anyone in Bungee, you need a permission plugin like LuckPerms for Bungee and give them the permission for this command. You should find the permission at the plugin page. If it's a spigot plugin, you could simply perform the command "/op <playername>" or add a permission system like LuckPerms and give them the permission.

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  3. To de-op a player. Use "/deop [name]" (You must be op yourself)
  4. This would be the correct way to do this.
    Give the permission for /rtp
    You should never give players the op permission status!
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  5. To expand on this, the reason you should never give op is because it gives permission to EVERYTHING. So an opped user can now close the server, change stuff with commands, give people stuff, ban people, etc. Basically an OP can run any command.

    You want to set up a permissions plugin like luckperms or permissionsex and give the permission of the plugin (a good plugin will have the permissions to each command on the page)