How Can I Return To The Console?

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  1. I am running my Linux machine (raspberry pi) headless, and I use SSH to access it. When I run to start the server, the terminal swiches to Spigot's interface (or console, or whatever you call the thing you use to enter commands). However, if I terminate that SSH session and return with another, how can I go back to the interface? I just come back to the normal [email protected] shell. Restarting the server works, but I dont want to interrupt gameplay.
  2. I like tmux, you can detach and reattach easily, view the console with multiple clients, and have multiple terminal windows open.
  3. So how does this exactly work? Do you start Spigot in a tmux session, and as long as the host is powered on, that session can be accessed later?
  4. Yep, it's like an upgraded version of screen if you've ever used it.
  5. Interesting. I'll be trying this later. I still have to figure out port forwarding though lol.
  6. screen -ls

    Shows all active sessions

    screen -x (sessionid)

    Shows the session. Sessionid is only needed if you do have more sessions running.

    Strg + A + D will "minimize" the screen session so you do not have to log off and on in ssh
  7. Ok setting up the port forwarding was way harder than it had to be, I had to call the ISP for the password of the modem. But I installed tmux and this is working great for me! Thanks for the advice!
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