How can I upload premium resources?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by nicogoetz44, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. I have already uploaded some scripts and now I want to sell bigger and better ones on Spigot but I do not know how to ask for help thank you in advance
  2. Thanks and can I get a message if I have achieved this or must I contact me where?
  3. You won't get a message ... once you meet the requirements it'll take up to an hour and you will be able to post paid resources. The only way to know, is go to the paid resource section, and see if the "post resource" button has showed up
  4. Skripts are highly unlikely to be accepted as a premium resource
  5. Lots of Skripts have been accepted as premium... they just need to be of good, unique quality.
  6. Dont forget the strong ‘anti piracy’ in a text file (Skript). :ROFLMAO:
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  7. OH dont even get me started on the FUNNY TOS people put for their Skripts, I laugh each and every time.
    When I post a Skript publicly.... I expect it to get edited and such.
    Here are some of my fav's especially for the free ones
    "You may not sell this skript” (9/10 times is less than 1kb... who’s going to “steal” your work and sell it
    “You may not edit this code” it’s basically a text file, try and stop me ;)
    I’m sure if you have a really good skript they may accept it, but I’m all honesty, go look at the crap posted in the skript section, it’s full of half assed essentials remakes, join message, kits, command aliases, all stuff you can write in under 10 minutes.
    So you better make something great.