1.15.2 How can i use the PlotSquared API | eclipse

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Fliens, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Hi, i've found the PlotSquared Plugin by IntellectualSites. And my plan is to use this plugin in combination with a plugin that i've wrote. But unluckily i've never done that before and am now wondering on how i could do that.

    I've found some examples here https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/wiki/Scripting that basically use the plugin in the same way i want to use it.
    There is also some code on how i could get an instance of the plugin: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/wiki/Getting-an-instance-of-PlotSquared
    But i think this only tests if the plugin is installed on the server.

    So my question is how i can actually get the PlotSquared object with wich i can acces data about plots and so on. There is some kind of tutorial: https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/wiki/API-Documentation but i'm not sure if that is what i'm looking for.
    I thought i could just add a jar file as a library like i did with the spigot-library. I've never used gradle or the "<artifactId>" before.

    Is there an easier way where i can just add a jar file or do i have to go this way? And if so how do i actually use gradle or the "<artifactId>" in eclipse?

    Appreciate every answer :)

  2. You can just add the API jar or learn how to use maven. I would recommend watching a video on YouTube regarding maven.