How did they do this? / como hicieron esto?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by StreamMaster, Jul 30, 2020 at 10:41 PM.

  1. Hi! I am not sure if it is the right forum but I was asking you who program, how did you do this?


    How can I get a random page to be generated? For example, I make a form and I want the form to be created on a random page with random characters, how do I do it? if they have a better code.
    Hola! No estoy seguro si es el foro adecuado pero me preguntaba a ustedes los que programen, como hicieron esto?

    como puedo hacer para que se genere una pagina random? por ejemplo, hago un formulario y quiero que el formulario se creen en una pagina random con caracteres random, como lo hago? si tienen codigo mejor.
  2. That would be to do with the method they used for the forum site, like the template etc.
  3. One way to do this which I've done in the past is using PHP and the Apache2 web server.

    On the server, you've got a php page with your content, then you use PHP to get data, for example from a database, and then print it out in the appropriate location(s).

    In order to generate the random ID, there's a number of ways to do so, in PHP, one way is to use the uniqid function.

    To then redirect the `/<id>` to the php page, you could use a htaccess file with Apache2.