How did you guys get into programming?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I think it'd be cool to know how you guys started programming :p

    The first thing I learnt was HTML, although that's not a programming language, it's the first thing I 'coded'.
    The first ever thing I made in Java, was a fake /pl for my server.
    I learnt from a friend, and no, I never watched TheBCBroz, although my code was worse than that..

    So what did you guys learn first, what did you make etc?

    - adam
  2. I tried making a home server and I had configured plugins for so long. I figured if they can make them I could my own. So I watched Spigot tutorials like Bcbroz and pogostickdev and made plugins. Later on I officially learned Java through head first Java and everything clicked and I actually knew what I was doing :) now I'm in iOS development
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  3. That's pretty cool, despite the Bcbroz thing
    Yeah, I learnt Java properly this year too.

    Swift is cool too, too bad I don't like Apple products ;)
  4. First learned the language Lua when modding the RTS game Company of Heroes.
    Can't remember when I learned Java, I just experimented with it until I finally got the hang of it. I learned it mostly by looking at the source code of other plugins and modifying it or figuring out what it did.
  5. Strahan


    I remember it pretty clearly. It was 1985 and I had a Commodore 64 and wanted to cheat in a game (Telegard, I even remember the game hehe) so I stopped the game and listed the BASIC source and figured out how to make it so your hit points don't change. That got me hooked, lol
  6. mathhulk

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    School science project.
    Thought it would be easier to make a website than test plants....

    ...I was right.
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  7. BananaPuncher714


    I made games in Python. Then I moved on to creating stuff with bash in Linux and trying to host a good server. Then I got bored of all the Bukkit plugins and how I was too dumb to even manage permissions. Then I thought about what I'd change about some servers and then I reflected on what I was doing with my life. Then I read a 2001 book on how to program in Java 2, two years ago. Then I gave up because the book was horrible. Then I had to go to school and was bored because the classes are boring so I got eclipse on a flash drive. Then I learned how to START a Bukkit plugin project. Then I read Google and created plugins after much pain and suffering;). And that's how I'm here today.:)
  8. Well, I started just like you with a Markup language. Eventually I found out that I wanted to make a minecraft server. I tried learning to code plugins without Java and you all know how good that turned out. BAD. So, what would my young 12 year old self do in this situation. I, uh, tried to learn the language and then gave up on programming for a year. I was 13 now, aspiring to make plugins I sprinted into action. My intelligence has been increased, I was ready. My IQ went from 100 or average all the way to 130 in that time span. Yes, that happened. After learning the basics of the language from,*sighs*, YouTube tutorials, I tried making plugins and still struggled. I eventually turned to Skript... Then came back to Java and off of websites learned it at a good level. Then started learning the Java API. Eventually I got pretty good. Now I am wondering what to do with my skills at a young age. I know HTML, CSS, and Java. I don't really know what to do with my programming online now. I have lost all interests in Minecraft plugins and games are my primary interest except nothing uses Java to code that I know of. I am still searching for a Java one and I might make a web based game soon by learning PHP. I signed up for Web Design for 9th grade, but I can't take any actual programming classes till 10th.

    Oooo, I went on a ramble. Hope you felt some enjoyment from reading my whole story in a simplified version instead of just saying how I started.

  9. Well well, back in the days; I knew nothing about programming and computers. My first game I played was of course Minecraft. When I started my first server I just downloaded plugins like regular users, then, I discovered Spigot and CraftBukkit and tried to get a feeling of what I could do with it. I tried to make a few very basic plugins. After a day or two, I successfully made my first plugin named SInfo. It was a plugin that told you some information about the server when you typed /sinfo. I didn't know how to add arguments so the help index had the command /sinfo-help which is the most awful way of doing it. And yes, it can get worse. I even added a fake reload command. The only thing it did was to say "Reloaded plugin". Wow.

    After watching some tutorials I began to develop more advanced plugins to my servers and later on I made my first gamemodes.
    Because of a few unmotivated times (Java was boring) I started to code a few websites including CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It was fun, but afterwards I went back to Java and tried to develop even more advanced plugins.

    And that's basically my story, yet.
  10. Well, my story is kinda long so I'd take up about five pages explaining everything :p
    My interest in programming started to subconsciously develop when I was about 11/12 (I don't remember quite well). I remember when I wanted to make a Minecraft server, and about nagging my best friend to join me on my Hamachi (*sigh*) server at the time (I hate Hamachi now xD). I started noticing (somehow... I barely knew how to spell correctly, I didn't even know how to speak and write in English) that I could make Bukkit plugins myself; But I found that quite disturbing so I quit the thing immediately. At a later age, my interest in Linux Server Administration spiked up too and that made me start learning SH and "coding" scripts for automation.
    So, again, a few months later, I felt the need for a server website. That's when I dove right into Programming. My natural curiousness drove me into reading source files belonging to my Wordpress website. I didn't know a thing about what I was reading.

    I asked myself: Wow, this is programming, but what does all of this mean?
    I later found out that the language was PHP. I started learning it (back in mid-2015) and today I no longer ask myself that question. Reading the code is no longer a big dark cloud hovering over me, and is as clear as reading a book. I now feel comfortable writing applications for websites and programming in Java too, and I kinda find doing this funny, entretaining and enlightening, especially when I'm playing with classes in Java that make "Persons" while I'm learning it.

    Now, kind of reiterating, I know PHP sufficiently to address all my website needs and even satisfy a customer who asks me for a custom app, and I may know a thing or two about Java (Enough for a little plugin). I often find myself thinking about a program that would ease a particular task in real world or about a new feature in my current project. I feel I'm a little overconfident, but I guess I'll find out when I test my projects!

    So yeah, this was my short story! Hope someone enjoyed reading it! :p (I wish I could post a bigger, more organized and detailed version of my story! xD)
    Sorry guys if the story's pace is too fast.
  11. Well in-fact I learned Java without any documentation
    I learned Java from thebcbroz from YouTube on how to make a Bukkit plugin.
    I easily got the hang of it and then I didn't need any help (like 1.5 years ago).

    Then I was interested in Java's Actual (not the native code pls) code. I still wonder what is in the 'sun' package (If you wan't to see the source of java.* or (most of) javax.* just link the source in your JDK called Where in the world is this Unsafe for java.util.atomic.AtomicLong (Actually all atomic things) class from??? (Like the source code! It's in sun.misc.Unsafe if you can't go through the source code of AtomicLong or something)

    Then about a year ago I discovered Maven and it was thing greatest thing ever (Shading JARs have never been easier!)

    And now I just do random stuff with Java like using some new not Bukkit API in Bukkit. Just see my Wolfram|Alpha project that I added xD. I also do a lot of cryptography in java (javax.crypto.* package stuff) and yesterday I made my first Security Provider. It was horrible with that MessageDigest.

    Oh yeah, I discovered I could have 1043 digits of Pi in Java (never used Some Decimal and Some Integer before?)

    And I'm shit at this block code thing called scratch. My computer teacher showed me it. 1/∞ IGN :cool:
    ...And he also told be python. I'm sticking with Java.

    A few weeks ago, I made my first REST SpringBoot thingy. I can't parse an integer EVEN IF IT'S AN INTEGER!*

    Just a map with Integer key and the time when added. I even added a try/catch. Nope.