How do big networks configurate thier custom plugins

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  1. How do big networks configurate thier custom plugins? Like do they have a some sort of a centralized config system for the entire network so they don't have to configurate configs for every server they have?
  2. custom plugins don't need configuration, else they aren't custom or developed weirdly
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  3. I’d hope a private commissioned plugin would be far more configurable than your standard public plugin.
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  4. oh I didn't think about that part, I thought custom plugins = own plugins
  5. That varies greatly. Many networks that mainly run mini games simply delete the server after it has been stopped and automatically deploy a new one from a template when needed. Others may have a custom startup script or plugin that downloads and installs all configuration and plugin updates from a central repository or directory on their servers (for example, via rsync).
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  6. Configuration can vary from plugin to plugin. Usually, custom plugins have better performances than public plugins that you can find on spigot or any other site. On the other hand, sometimes public plugins can outperform custom plugins. Again, it all varies. But, plugins usually have configurations lined up in case anything needs to be changed such as a server update or something.
  7. Config their custom plugins? Most of the time they probably don’t even use a config because they’ve made the plugin for themselves
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  8. Big server like minehut / hypixel use both custom plugins and ones from sites like spigot. There is usually a central place where the files are copied from and this usually cointains the config.
  9. about hypixel part, they use very few of downloaded plugins , which most likely are also highly modified. those which are downloaded, are often made by authors which also work for hypixel, all of downloaded plugins they use are just APIs and not some in-game-content plugins
  10. The only public plugin I remember them using is Citizens. No idea if they still have it though
  11. Citizens developer works for hypixel, they also use LibsDisguises, worldguard (or used to, not sure about right now, they may have stopped it), worldedit, but those are API ones as I said
  12. ah thats cool
  13. So wait they use a third party to configure thier plugins and use rsync to install the newly configured configs
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  14. No, they configure their plugins themselves and store them somewhere where all of their servers can easily access them. This could be a directory in combination with rsync to synchronize plugins and configurations, but large networks tend to have more complex systems (automatic deletion and deployment of servers, server templates per game, etc.)
  15. We store our configs in MongoDB. Every server connects to it with a tiny database config, the rest of the configs are loaded straight from the database.
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    there are dozens of ways to do it, deploying server templates is one, given that the config is already there, etc; Things in general are often heavily automated, such as server instances coming up and down automagically, games are often more data driven, e.g. behavior is provided as much by the plugin as it is the data for the game in play, e.g. maps bundling info such as their spawn points, etc