How do i add a server thru minecraft files

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Rektmeneer, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Hello spigot user!

    I wanted to know how i add a server thru minecraft files becouse i have a mod that disables to add a new server
    And i really want to add a private server

  2. Choco


    Remove the mod? I don't understand why you would have a mod that removes the "Done" button from adding a server. If you insist on keeping this mod, however, download "NBTEditor" and edit the "servers.dat" file in your .minecraft directory to add a new server.
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  3. Choco already said this but I will repeat his comment out of sheer amazement....

    Why do you have a mod that removes the new server creation button?!
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  4. Hit enter
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  5. Its officially a private use mod thats why they removed the server add button.

    And thank you all!
  6. Choco


    You're still capable of removing whatever mod is causing that to happen o.o even if it's in a modpack. Most launchers give you the option to remove specific mods or add in new ones. And even if the launcher you're using does NOT provide that option (for whatever reason), it's possible to just remove the .jar file from the mods directory of the modpack

  7. The thing that removes the add button is in the main mod.. so i cant remove that jar because then i Will miss alot of stuff
  8. If you still want to continue, use nbt editor. Open the servers.dat file wherever your minecraft directory is
  9. Find it
    Find it.png
    Open it with NBTExplorer
    Open with NBTExplorer.PNG
    Add compound tag
    Add compound tag.PNG
    Start adding data

    Adding some data.PNG
    One called 'ip' and one called 'name'
    One called IP and another called name.PNG
    And your done!

    That is long tho...
  10. Thank you to everyone. i will close the thread
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