How do I change my player's name tags.

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  1. Im coding a nick plugin i want to know how to change a player's name tag.
  2. Never really tried something like that but I guess it would be setting their display names to whatever you want.
  3. I have tried that, it wont work
  4. If you mean in tab and their tag above head, you'll need to use Teams and create the x's player team with the prefix and suffix for every player, I know, it's pretty difficult, but this is how you can make it.
    you'll need to have something like this:

    Code (Text):
    for (All Online players demo var: onlinePlayer) {
        Scoreboard sb = get player's scoreboard
        for (All Teams from scoreboard) {
            if (team name contains the tag you've set to your team) {
                unregister the team
        for (All OnlinePlayers) {
            Team team = you get the scoreboard and register the team;
            You set the team's prefix and suffix and add as entry the player's name
  5. Can you help me, if you have like discord?
  6. I think what i wrote it's pretty simple, you'll need to know the spigot api and you can do what i wrote
  7. BukkitAPI***
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