How do I change the console name?

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  1. Im running 1.12.2, and I want my /tell to, when executed from a command block or the console, show a different name.

    For example, I have an elevator that tells you this if you try to go to a floor under construction

    [Server -> %player%] ERROR: Floor is under construction.

    I want it to say this

    [Frontier -> %player%] ERROR: Floor is under construction.

    How do I set it up like this?
  2. packet listening?

    I dunno.. chatControl seems to be able to do it

    Subbing to thread, wouldn't mind knowing this myself :)
  3. Why are you using the command tell?
    Just use tellraw (if it still is called like this in 1.13).
    With tellraw you can send any message to players, without prefix, make your own prefix.
  4. For Command Blocks, just rename the block in an anvil.
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