How do I clear all set powertools?

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  1. So on my friend's server, I am opped, and I have A LOT of powertools set, and don't know exactly which items I set them to, and I want to clear all of them and set different ones. I know if I say had a block of stone with /pt nick Blueberry or something like that, I can use /pt to clear that item specifically, but again, I don't remember all the blocks I set powertools to, so how would I clear them all at once?
  2. You can go to your essentials data file and remove the power tools section.
  3. I'm looking more or less for a command, I've seen a youtuber do it to clear all powertools, but I can't remember which video it was in.
  4. simpleauthority

    Supporter See this which was screenshotted from the essentials wiki.
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