How do I configure QAPlugin? Big Problem

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Do you find the wiki (I refer to the page where you download the plugin) of QAPlugin complicated?

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  3. p.s I mean by those who are not English.

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  1. (This message is mainly addressed to the creator of the plugin)

    hello, it's been several days that I'm trying to understand how to configure QAPlugin, even reading the wiki several times (I mean the page from where you can download the plugin) I still can not understand how to configure, I could give a hand in understanding how to configure the plugin, if I give a hand I will make a guide in my language (Italian), easy to understand, so as to be able to help other users in trouble like me , this message has been translated with a translator (Deepl).
  2. MiniDigger


    well, lets ping him them so he actually sees this, shall we?
  3. Maximvdw


    What is it you are having problems with. Are you able to get the default config working ?
  4. ok , you're right
  5. I just can't understand the wiki
  6. Maximvdw


    What part?
  7. that is once I open the config I say "and now I do??", I do not know how to move (not because I do not know how to do it but because I found the wiki quite complicated)

    p.s can depend on the fact that I do not know English but I have configured plugins
  8. I have not understood all the wiki , for me it is too messed up.
  9. we are talking about that I read 10 times the page but I could not understand anything (translated and not )
  10. in particular the part of the configuration
  11. small update I'm managing to understand more or less how the basic configuration works, thanks to various tests that I'm doing without following the wiki that is written in the site, (I'm following a few that in the files just to see if I understood well).once I understand very well how it works I will make an intuitive guide in Italian hoping that @Maximvdw put it on the download page.