How do I create multiple lobbies

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by krishang, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Hey. I wanted to ask how do i create multiple wait rooms like the ones on hypixel, where when u choose a game it sends you to a lobby which automatically transports you the game after there is enough players for the game to begin
  2. how mineplex and hypixle do it is through multiple hub servers (bungeecord based servers) and where as their plugins are custom coded,

    for instance

    Hub = main lobby where you choose minigames

    From hub you connect to Skywars

    Skywars is another hub type server

    then from there, they use the minigame plugin on another server

    so when they connect to a game through hub or skywars hub they get sent to another server with minigame based plugins
    The minigame plugin will have a waiting timer and arguments (player count, times , etc) and then move them into the actual place

    so in total youll need 3 servers minimum for a minigame

    1) Bungeecord: this is what will connect all your servers together
    2) Lobby: this is where players will get sent when not in a game, and where they will select a game
    3) Minigame: this is the server that will host the minigame server

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