how do I disable building/greifing on one world but not another?

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  1. I am building a cool server. And I have added skyblock. The problem is that when I use any plugin that disables building. It also disabled building on the skyblock. I have tried worldgaurd but every time I use that it also disabled pistons which I need to use.
  2. Multiverse can do what your looking for.
  3. So I cant seem to find where I set this in multiveres. I have multiveres core and multiverse portals installed. Cant find anything like that in any of the config files
  4. I don't use Multiverse anymore so could you post your config?
    Also do you have worldguard? If you do just go to the world you want build disabled and type in the following:
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    /rg flag __global__ build deny
  5. As as I said before the problem I am having with world gaurd is whatever area I protect. Pistons don't work in that area. I have tried settings the pistons flag to allow but that did not help. I just need a way to protect just one of my worlds but leave skyblock alone. Or I need to fix the piston problem.
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    You can set piston to true in WG.
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    Get Skript and do this:
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    on build:
        if "%world%" is "RestrictedWorld":
            cancel event
            message "&cNo can do!"
  8. I have already set the pistons flag to allow but it still does not work. also I'm using worldgaurd 6.1
  9. Where do I place that code. Do I use make a .jar file or what? Sorry i'm not great with code
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    All you have to do is get the plugin Skript which is a jar file. Load it. Then you'll see a "Skript" folder. In that folder is a sub-folder called "scripts". Just place this code in that folder as a text file. Call that text file "". Make sure there's the .sk ending on it.

    Reboot and watch the magic.
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