1.8.8 How do I display particle wings?

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  1. I saw that players on hypixel had particles with a wings shape, and I wanted to know how to make them. Which math calculations need to be done and stuff like that.
  2. I guess I would use a bunch of exponential functions on top of each other
  3. So I mean with different "base values" (not sure if thats how you call it in english)
  4. Sorry, I don't understand you.
  5. I do not see where you'd use an exponential function here... as far as I can see that's just a bunch of 45° tilted lines forming a cross.
    For how you'd actually do this; It'll take some time and practice to actually get it working if you have never worked with Particles resp. animating those.
    First, I'd suggest you try to find out how to draw a straight line. Then you'd place that behind the player. After that, try to tilt and add more lines. It's just an incremental approach from there.
  6. Plotting wings out in three-dimensional space is more difficult then you would expect. I personally think you should just work with a manually defined shape grids and some rotation matrices to make it follow the player. The issue with particle wings is that you cannot explicitly destroy particles, they will remain until outliving their duration before fading on their own.
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  7. While reading this thread i had an idea of making a utility which reads an image (png/jpg) & converts it to particle layout which you can spawn in minecraft using a simple spawnParticles(Location location) method. Idk it could be usefull to ppl maybe
  8. I managed to make a test version of it. It looks really cool i think.
    & in minecraft it looks like

    Note: I might be good at java but i suck at arts so thats the best wing i could design :D
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  9. I love it :ROFLMAO:(y)
  10. PixelStrace

    PixelStrace Previously j4splayHD

    I released my Plugin Twings!
    There you can create Wings with any particle in any color your own shapes. they are animated as well!
    Only downside i only got 1.16 Compatibility

    Example from a user of my Plugin: