How do i do a reset

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  1. Hi, I am doing a faction server and a reset is coming up soon and I don't know how to do a reset like I don't know what to delete . What should I delete for a reset ? Like how do I delete the world with out deleting the spawn and how do I reset Ender chest and homes. And money . And all the faction stuff

    And how do I reset without losing all the perms and groups and all the warps and important stuff
  2. Watch your FTP folder and search for the different topics?
  3. To reset every players location etc, you should delete the file in all your worlds that holds the player data. Also, remove all players from the permissions file, not the group, but all the individual players.
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  4. Remember to go into essentials > unserdata and remove all files from there.
  5. Then should all the players home sets go then
  6. yes if you clear the essentials user data it will.
  7. Will this remove the items in the player vaults and ender chests?
  8. The data of enderchests is stored in the world folder and the player vaults in the specific plugin.
    But remember to check all the plugins you have installed for any kind of userdata saves.
  9. So if i find any folders with playerdata, Can i just simply remove them? Won't that remove admin, mod perms and stuff to players? Because i dont feel like setting that up again
  10. Then don't remove the player data folder for your permissions plugin. To sum up:
    FIRST make a full backup
    backup spawn with WorldEdit or similar
    delete <world>/* for all world data and player inventories and ender chests.
    delete plugins/Essentials/playerdata/* for money, homes, etc
    delete plugins/<factions folder>/<player data folder>/* for factions things
    delete any other player data storages in the plugins folder besides the permissions storage.

    Edit: missed the part where you wanted to keep spawn, I would suggest taking a WorldEdit schematic of spawn and then reloading it on a fresh world BEFORE deleting the old one in case it fails. If it succeeds, make a copy of the fresh server at its current state to make future resets easier. And, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take backups before doing potentially catastrophic things. Or before you do anything, really.
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