How do I do this? And how do I block certain mods

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    How do I make my server compatable with forge mod loader, & disable WorldDownloader, Reis minimap / Zans minimap with players.

  2. You can't disable mods to run on your server because they are client side
  3. Well, I can name multiple servers that can, Kohi, FearPvP
  4. Kohi disabled players on rei's minimap radar, they also disabled mobs & players on Zans minimap
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    Check their client version
  6. Yes, you can, if you are able to spend like 500$ or more for an experienced developer. It's hard, you would need to hide the player from the other player, and make sure when they look one at other make them visible, or you could spawn lot of entities that are invisible just to spam his minimap. It's not simple to do this, only some people could do this, and it takes lot of time, like from one month to some months to make an anti world downloader + minimaps.
  7. Some mods listen for a specific packet and disable themselves if it is send. You need to have a look on their documentation.
    For some minimaps there's a plugin for exact this purpose.

    Other than this, mods can't be detected, nor disabled by a server. (So you can't prevent minimaps, world downloader etc.)