How do i do this on my server list:

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  2. I was considering to convert with 1.12 to ServerListPlus, but the one I used worked. That said, does ServerListPlus give multiple entries when you refresh the list (like my screenshots above) or does it only have one, until the admin picks another one from the list
  3. You can have multiple. And when you refresh a new one will appear.
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  4. Ok, perfect. Because the one I use now is pretty old, but it has always worked and still does. The ones I tried so far were limited to multiple msgs, IF the admin set it to replace it with that one.. not on refresh. This one has a few more modern features. Maybe it's finally time to convert over :)
  5. You can do that with ServerListPlus.
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  6. Sorry, yes, in that case SLP
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