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  1. How do i do this? So in the IP -
    You start at the hub and there is only one large portal, u run into it and it opens the compass menu for all the servers

    I need a hub just like this, i currently have it so you run into a portal to teleport into the server but i want it to open the compass menu, can someone help how they did this?

    Its very simple because we are adding new servers and cant keep updating the hub

    If anyone can help me 1on1, skype - encidehf

    If not, please reply here and help
  2. You can try using Ancient Gates and run a command on entry (/gate setexec [id] [player/console] [command] - Set command to execute on entering gate.) to open the compass menu (not tested).
  3. cow


    for the compass, use chestcommands,
    so if ur using the ancient gates like @PantherMan594 said,

    /gate setexec [id] player cc open <file>
    file is the name of the menu file in chestcommands
    if you set an alias in chestcommands to open the menu, dont use that alias in the command above,
    it wont recognise it
  4. Thanks. I always thought there would be a simple plugin or custom for that, but those are good alternatives to know.