How do I edit the "Server Full" Message for BungeeCord?

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  1. I want it so when 400 people are on my server instead of "Server Full" it says "Go to http://<buycraftwebsite> to buy a reserved slot!"

    How do I do this?
  2. Go to your Spigot.yml file and find the section where it says:

    server-full: Go to http://<buycraftwebsite> to buy a reserved slot!
  3. Oh I'm sorry, didn't see that you stated BungeeCord, lol.

    I haven't used BungeeCord in a while, so I may be useless.
    Depending on how BungeeCord works, try setting what I said above to the individual server itself as it should contain a spigot.yml.

    But let me set up a bungeecord server and try to figure it out.
  4. Thanks :p Tell me when you have found out how
  5. I tried doing the spigot.yml thing, but it won't work because it will only display the message when the Hub Server is Full, but not when there are 400 people on the actual bungeecord
  6. My best bet is to go to the server itself and set that message in the spigot.yml (not the bungee proxy). If that doesn't work, then maybe it is not possible. However, don't take my word for it lol.

    Edit: Then I am not sure honestly, sorry!

    I would wait until a user who actively uses BungeeCord answers this post. Sorry that I can't help!
  7. Aw ok, Thanks for helping... Also I need a plugin or something for bungeecord that allows if a player has a permission it will allow them in the server even if it's full
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  8. Dead-i

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    As defined in this GitHub source file, by default BungeeCord will not display a BuyCraft message. Instead, it will simply say "Server is full".

    Assuming you have no BungeeCord plugins installed that is overriding this kick message, it's probably your actual hub server itself that is doing this, not BungeeCord.

    Could you please let us now what plugins you are using on your hub server?
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  9. Here are the plugins:
    There only one that has anything to do with messages is CustomServerMessages, here is the config for that:
    Code (Text):
    # CustomServerMessages by michidk
        useDisplayName: true
        enableLogging: true
          enable: true
          message: ''
          enable: true
          message: ''
          enable: true
          message: '&6Server Down for Maintenance'
          enable: true
          message: '&6Server Full! Buy a reserved slot from!'
          enable: true
          message: '&cServer Restarting! Come back in 30 seconds!'
          enable: false
          message: '&b[Server]&6(&player)&f:&c &message'
          consolemessage: '&b[Server]&f:&c &message'
          enable: false
          message: '&6&player &4>>> &b&message'
          enable: true
          message: '&4Only &lAdmins&r&4 can see the Plugins!'
          enable: false
          message: 'Version: &6MyServer 2.0!'
          enable: true
          message: '&fYou &4dont have Permissions&r to see the Seed!'
        enable: false
        fall: '&player hit the ground too hard'
        burn: '&player burned to death'
        infire: '&player went up in flames'
        lava: '&player tried to swim in lava'
        killedByEntity: '&player was slain by &killer'
        killedByPlayer: '&player was slain by &killer'
        magic: '&player was killed by magic'
        outOfWorld: '&player fell out of the world'
        suffocated: '&player suffocated in a wall'
        cactus: '&player was pricked to death'
        drowned: '&player drowned'
        starve: '&player starved to death'
        explosion: '&player blew up'
  10. How would I edit the Server Full message for bungeecord?
  11. I believe the only way currently to edit the actual BungeeCord messages would be to edit the
    Which can be found in the src files here. Though you would need to compile BungeeCord itself.
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    It's your actual server itself that is doing the kicking, so changing the BungeeCord message wouldn't make a difference. If a client goes through BungeeCord and then connects to a Spigot/Bukkit server, but then the Spigot/Bukkit server kicks them, it will kick them network-wide (unless a plugin prevents it). So, it is likely your hub server doing this.

    Also in that plugin config you mentioned
    Isn't that the bit causing you trouble?
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  13. When I join it's saying "Server is Full", I need it to say '&6Server Full! Buy a reserved slot from!'
  14. Open your BungeeCord.jar with a zip porgramm (maybe rename it to, change the messages.propieteries file, and (rename it back to BungeeCord.jar and) its done.

    But use ยง instead of & for color codes
  15. Janmm14
    Thank you!
    How would I get a reserved slot plugin thing for BungeeCord?

    I have tried putting a Reserved Slot plugin on my Hub server, but it won't work as I want them to be able to join when the BungeeCord is full, not the Hub Server.. Is there a Bungee Plugin or something for this? Or Can I put a bukkit plugin into the bungeecord plugins folder?
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  16. So bassicly I need nothing to do with Bukkit slots, I need the plugin to be with Bungee Slots, as my server is full and I want donators to be able to join even when its full

    If you dont know what I mean join (it's 1.5.2)
  17. Did a bit of forum searching, and found this
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    @mattjtv Please read the rest of the topic. The last post is 3 months old, the issue had already been solved, and I also mentioned the exact same link several posts ago. :(
  19. Woah, I replied on the wrong topic. I meant to post this on another topic, and came here for the link. I am very sorry for the bump.
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