How do I find someone's IP via BungeeCord?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Funnytom118, Jul 12, 2015.

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  1. Hey!

    So, I need to find someone's IP through one of my servers on my BC Network (Prison and Hub they have connected to), however when I type /seen (using essentials), it says the BC IP, not their individual IP?

    Is there a way to get their IP, not BC's?
  2. You could simply set ip_forward to true in your Bungeecord config.yml, it is recommended to set Bungeecord to true in the spigot.yml to get right UUIDs under /seen.
    Easier is to just use Bungeecords command /ip <player>.
  3. Yes, but the player is offline, and I need their IP, therefore it will not let me use /seen
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    You'll have to develop some way of caching it when they're offline. Essentials will do this for you, or you could use Skript to make a plugin that does (very simple). I can show you if you like.
  5. Eh, the one issue is, I do not know anything about coding (It is like maths :p ).
  6. As was said before, set ip_forward to true in your BungeeCord config.yml and /seen will display the player's actual IP, even if they are offline.
  7. I don't get you, you shouldn't be seeing the Bungee IP at all, otherwise it means you don't have IP Forwarding setup correctly, which is crucial for an online-mode server..

    Also, you can /seen offline players, I do it all the time?

    [08:36:28 INFO]: CONSOLE issued server command: /seen bensdaman
    [08:36:28 INFO]: Player BensDaMan has been offline since 10 days 16 hours 5 minutes.

    That reminds me, maybe I should be checking in on my server once in a while >.<
  8. It is set to true, and it still shows the IP of bungeecord (
  9. In both spigot.yml & the Bungee config.yml?
  10. There is no IP-Forwarding in the spigot.yml, however there is 'bungeecord: false' shall I set that to true? (PROXY).

    EDIT// ' bungeecord: true' in spigot.yml on proxy, but still not working, and still I see the BC ip.
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  11. In your bungeecord folder there should be a file called config.yml, you need to enable ip-forwarding,

    In each of your server folders there will be a file called spigot.yml, you need to set bungeecord to true

    BE-AWARE: Players could loose there items if you do this, you need to convert the player files before you change it and ensure you backup the files.
    You'll need to convert from offline-mode to player names, and then from player names to online-mode.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Yeah that will work. Also the player will need to join again before it will update their IP from the bungee one to their actual IP.
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