how do i get old spigot

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  1. ok so i wanna get a really old version of spigot/bukkit which is for minecraft 1.1 so where do i get that?
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  2. Have you tried using BuildTools with the --rev 1.1 flag?
  3. lol only works for 1.8+
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  4. Oh yeah, BT compiles for 1.8+. Try using something like -snip- (you can probably find it in other posts here).
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  5. Uhh guys. Spigot wasn't around during 1.1. The latest version is probably around 1.5/1.6 (can't confirm though)
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  6. i know bukkit was tho bukkit then? i found on the github of bukkit but its source
  7. Spigot began since 1.5 so get bukkit which is since 1.2 I believe
  8. Spigot started at around 1.4.7, Craftbukkit 1.4.2 and Bukkit 1.3.2 (or 0.0.1 whatever that means)
  9. i just need bukkit 1.1 i know it exists check bukkits github its been like beta i think lol
  10. All code has been removed due to a DMCA takedown
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  11. yeah but if i get the source is it possible to make it the jar that you need
  12. oh thx i saw that once but i just went off the website lol thxxx
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  13. btw i know mcafee is shitty but it warned about the file? is the mcadmin site safe
  14. ok so i got the bukkit version i wanted for mc beta 1.6.6 i said 1.1 since i didnt know bukkit existed for beta mc but it does so yeah but i get the error when ive set everything up so its working it says this when i login Failed to login: <html>
  15. Antivirus programs are bad at finding malicious Java software. It's something most virusscanners don't even do.

    So, is the site itself safe? Most likely, yes, if your antivirus says so. Are the contents of the site safe? Decompile the jar and go through all 20MB of code yourself, it might download something you don't like.
  16. i just have a question i got the file i wanted for an even older version of mc which is b1.6.6 but yeah let me say what problem i have now i setup the server and all and i started it connected but i couldnt connect to it it said Failed to login: <html>
  17. electronicboy

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    1. You're running an unsupported version of the server software
    2. You obtained the jar in an illegal manner
    3. You obtained the jar from a 3rd party

    You're on your own.
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  18. CraftBukkit and Bukkit: Beta 1.1, like the commit history proves (December 2010).

    The SpigotMC forums are around since the time of 1.4.7, but the software itself is older. It has been around since summer or automn, 2012, under the name CraftBukkit--. That was the time of 1.2.x or 1.3.x. I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure about the first version number, neither, because the first "platform" of Spigot was a thread at the Spout forums, that are not available anymore.

    It is correct that you may not post links to external download sites with compiled CraftBukkit or CraftBukkit-based jars because they break the GPLv3 / proprietary license of Bukkit and Minecraft.

    If you want to get old CraftBukkit builds: The source code repository at Stash still has the correct history, so you can just compile from source.
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  19. k how do i compile the source tho xd
  20. ok so ive found the version of craftbukkit i want it took me some time to scroll down to like 2011 xdd but idk how to download the source cant see anything i also dont know how to compile it