How do I get only 5-10 players at once?

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  1. I have read almost every article on promoting my Minecraft server, but nothing works...

    I’ve posted my server on about 10 server lists but I have never gotten more than 3 at once. I need some help.
  2. Depends on what your server is, how professionnal it looks, your website look, etc.
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  3. Strahan


    What's the server address?
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    ip is
  6. 1. You don't have any actual website
    2. Your welcome message isn't even configured, it says 'You can change this message in the ChatManager Config'
    3. Same goes for autobroadcast
    4. Got kicked for using /pl??? A litte bit extreme
    5. /help doesn't work
    6. /? does show your plugins
    7. There's no spawn... literally a little small wooden house.
    8. Since your plugins aren't configured, I get random "TITLE" message up on my screen
    9. You have to wait 4 seconds for using a command, but even if your command got cancelled it says "Please do not repeat the same command"
    10. The spawn is literally a square of red wool.

    I'm stopping here, enough internet for today
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  7. Strahan


    That "H1DD3NxN1NJA" person is awful proud of his work, eh? lol I keep seeing it being plastered everywhere; in chat, in titles that come saying "Title - Plugin by H1DD3NxN1NJA", a bossbar, it's a bit much. I also see auto broadcasts saying "Auto broadcast message" and nothing of substance.

    The lack of /help isn't good. I tried to /spawn and it said "Set-Spawn: You are not allowed to do this". Spawn itself is not protected; mobs can enter and kill people. Spawn at least should be a safe zone from that. The last sign in your "road of help" is blank by the way. Did you import the spawn buildings from a schematic? Cuz the stairs are oriented wrong in some instances. I'd also try to come up with a slightly more attractive method of marking the bounds of the no PVP area. That red wool line is a bit... inelegant.

    Also I just saw a player join, run the road looking at signs then ask me how to play. I said to wander off and build and he quit. Some sort of welcoming text would be helpful, explaining the nature of the server and such. Maybe a few random wilds warps wouldn't hurt either.

    You really need to configure that auto broadcast plugin. It's damned annoying. Also your doors are acting weird:

    PS I also decided to commit suicide before heading out to the world so I ran myself into a cactus repeatedly. It kept saying "[SetSpawn]: Teleported to spawn from void" and though it mentioned TP'ing, I did not get teleported. Also I recommend installing a tree helper plugin. You already have a bunch of floating tree tops, a tree lumberjacking plugin would prevent that. I recommend Ultimate Timber

    I'd also replace that server icon with something specific to your server.
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  9. Strahan


    Uhh... cool? I don't care about his plugins, just that his default config is @!#$ obnoxious lol

    Also OP, I was on way way through the desert and it got dark. Haven't found any sheep, so I had no bed and I didn't feel like hiding in a hole so I disconnected and figured I'd come back in ten mins when it's dawn. I relog ten mins later, and the #@$#$%#$^ thing teleports me to spawn. WHY??? All the progress I made into the wilds were lost. So I head out in another direction. Come across a ravine. Figured I'd /sethome before going down so I can just /home back up. Down there mining iron and chucking at the eight zombies in the dark wanting to come tear me apart but can't get past some rushing water when suddenly the server disconnected. Couldn't reconnect for about a minute, kept hitting refresh and the server was red X. Server came back up a little later and I was glad I had sethome cuz it sent me back to spawn again. That's really aggravating.

    PS your odd decision not to allow the user to issue same command twice is also really damned annoying. Since your server yanks one back to spawn at disconnect, and already dumped connections for no reason once, I figured I'd /sethome every couple hundred blocks I travel. Of course, the second time I try I get "don't repeat the same command". That's also really aggravating.

    PPS your claim system is broken. The sign at spawn said "type /claim to claim land" or something to that effect. I find a place to setup a home and so I do /claim. It said nope, gotta hold a golden shovel. OK, fine, craft a golden shovel and try again. "Don't repeat the same command". [email protected]#@#$%#%^$% I get it to do /claim again and it said I don't have enough blocks. What does that mean? This is exactly the type of thing you need to explain at spawn or on a server website, if you had one. The bitly help link to the video talks about earning blocks to expand claims, but that is depending on the configuration of the server and you have zero information on it. I see some people have claims; how did that work?
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  10. Idk why the website is not working. I use essentials welcome message (idk why its not working), /help should work. Im building a better spawn. idk why you get a title message. sorry about that lol
  11. Sorry. I just started using chat manager. I guess its a bit of an annoying plugin. Gonna uninstall it now. Hope its better for u now.
  12. Yeah, i agree
  13. If you could help me make it better, that would be nice!
  14. Yikes.

    You can use the edit button instead of making a whole new post.

    You haven’t solved or addressed half of the criticisms/feedback that people have given you.

    I would recommend just waiting to be older and then retackle this, some people just should get more experience and maturity before managing a server.
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  15. what do you mean by waiting to be older? And I do agree, I should try and be a better owner...
  16. It don´t sound like you are a serious server admin. There are some basics wich you need to fullfill before making your server public. Please do some research and start over.
  17. lol ok