How do I get top blocks mined per month?

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  1. Hi, I'm setting up a prison server and I need to create a leaderboard with the top blocks mined per month. I'm struggling to find it. Thanks!
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    Hey mmm i think u just have to make a data to save the mined blocks and add it the task that repeated every month.
    i don't if u wanna make it command or hologram as a leaderboard
  3. I'm not a developer.
  4. Then search for a plugin thats already been created. EzBlocks might be able to do this for you. Or hire a developer
  5. There are plenty of placeholder API extensions that do this.
  6. Example please??
  7. I'd either hire a programmer for it, or try to find a pre-made plugin (if you do this you might not find what you're looking for)
    Basically you need to create a file with all the player data, and check if they broke a block then add the value and then get that again for the output.
    There are many developers out there who can do this easily for a couple bucks.
  8. That does exactly what you want. Use a plugin called AlonsoLeaderboards to get a top leaderboard
  9. Please help me
  10. Search AlonsoLeaderboards on YouTube.
  11. Depends if you want to pay 12 euros or not. They do the same thing pretty much any way
  12. That is why I have put one free or another paid, whatever suits him
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