How do I give players world edit in a specific world?

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  1. Help!

    We are running EssentialsX, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Multiverse & LuckPerms. Our survival city needs a massive update, so I created a Project World that is a copy of the Survival world where players who are in the Builder's Group can /warp to and that world is by mv set to CREATIVE.

    The problem is, I do not know how to grant them World Edit privileges on that world only. (Running WorldEdit & AsyncWorldEdit to prevent crashes). I did find the permission: worldedit.* but I just am not sure how to specify per world permissions.
  2. This is actually very simple.
    Just add world=worldname after your permissions command.

    Example: lp group <groupname> permission set worldedit.* world=world_nether
    You can replace world_nether with any world name you'd like.

    Hope this helps

    There is also a wiki which explains a lot of stuff similar to this, but it is very detailed and a lot to read:
  3. Hey i know you said you have Luckperms but Pex has this feature p
    Example - pex group <groupname> add <permission> WORLDNAME
  4. Thanks! The context tag was definitely something I have not messed with yet, will check it out and test