How do i have my friends join

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  1. I was wondering how do I make it so my friends can join my server because when I put my ip in the server ip text it says maybe there is a server already running on that port
  2. Paid or Self Hosted?

    Paid: I recommend Meloncube

    MC Wiki

    1: Get Spigot Jar
    2: Make a .bat file (get start code from MC wiki)
    3: Run .bat file then stop it and accept EULA
    4: Port forward or use LAN
    5: Start server

    Start.bat file:
    Code (Text):
    java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar jarname.jar nogui
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  3. You're mixing up a few things I believe.

    Let's start with trying to figure out where you run your server. On your computer at home? Some hosting provider somewhere on the Internet?

    If it's anywhere, is the IP public, and if so, did you properly set up ip forwarding in your router and/or firewalls?

    You run the server "once" you check the console and see that it's bind to that port. Don't run the server "again".

    If you give the public ip to your friend, they go to their client and enter it as ip to connect to, on the default port (unless you changed the port).

    The message "already running on that port" is not a client msg, that's a server msg.
  4. My favourite (and IMO, safest) way of letting friends join a private server is by using Ngrok. Ngrok is a small application that gives you an IP address that is binded to one of your ports. It means you don't have to port forward, and when Ngrok is not running, nobody can join. Once Ngrok is set up do 'ngrok tcp 25565' and give your friends the address.
  5. Why rely on a third party ;)

    Don't install stuff you dont need: learn how to configure your network instead.