How do I know how many players my server can have?

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  1. I just want to put this out there its not a plugin or server issue, I just want to know how to calculate how many slots I can have for the hardware I own.

    The server is being hosted on my own network, the computer stats are below, we don't have a tone of plugins I know some people that pack their servers so full of plugins there is not a decent computer that can run the server.

    Anyhow below is an overview of what my hardware is if you want to help discuss your methods of calculating player slots feel free. I want to leave it open to people too and not so much focus on trying to find out the perfect about.

    Server Hardware:
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.4GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 Core(s)

    DDR4 - 16GB

    HDD - 2TB

    Windows 10 Home - 64bit

    Integrated LAN 10/100/1000 - Unlimited Data / High Speed & DDoS Protection.

    Upload Speed:

    16.3 Mbps

    Download Speed:

    174.4 Mbps

    Using Bukkit GUI 2.0 for console
    We have 24 Plugins some are APIs and Libraries for plugins.

    Online Calculators:
    I don't trust what places like the one below as they only take in to consideration the RAM and Upload and download speed CPU is just important and I know that having DDR4 is better than DDR3 for ram so just stating the overall ram is giving you a very low estimate based on something that could potentially be better if it was calculated properly...

    I don't want to push the computer over the limit, however, I want to use a decent amount of the resources that I have at my disposal for my server.

    Feedback and Questions:
    If you are a server host what have you done to calculate your slots?

    Whats your computer hardware?

    How many plugins do you have on your server and do they require lots to run such as Dynmap?

    Do you host from your own network or server and if your own network what are your upload and download speeds?
  2. Hey. So I've home hosted before and I can say you are probably safe with max 50 players with those numbers. A big part is your Upload speed. That is quite low. Depending on your plugins 50 players MIGHT be a struggle. ALSO... I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going out and buying a solid state drive. Even a 128GB ... its really all you need. HDD's are slow. Even the fastest ones are substantially slower than SolidState. Now with the fact that Minecraft reads/writes a billion things a second (ok I might be over doing that) but the point is, its writing a lot to a disk, and it won't be able to keep up with a lot of players. You will most likely get huge lag spikes, and possible server crashes.

    As for your questions
    #1 I didnt calculate I just set it to 50 and went from there. My computer was very similar, but I dedicated 8GB ram to the server, and my internet speeds were 150/150.
    #2 I dont know the full stats but very similar.
    #3 I had about 50 plugins, I also had dynmap, but set at a medium-low map quality, didnt seem to effect anything, BUT i pre-generated my world and map.
    #4 Hosted from home, LAN connection, internet 150/150
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  3. Strahan


    It sounds like you are home hosting. How are you DDoS protected? I don't know of any residential internet service that has an effective DDoS mitigation feature.
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  4. The limiting factor is your upload speed. That limits you to about 45 players. That's assuming you have a wired Ethernet connection (don't use wireless!). Also you should use a desktop computer to avoid cooling issues with laptops. I would allocate 4 GB for the Java heap.
  5. I've talked with someone who builds servers (not mc related) and he said that HDD is good enough in most situations

    Having said the internet speed suggests a small server, I dont think its required he gets a new hard drive.
  6. Also, keep in mind the cables your house uses.

    my house uses k2 cables which are low quality since we hired cheap builders, making wireless connections faster than wired. If you have k5 (?) then wired would definitely be better.

    **Names are based off of what my bro told me 2~ years ago, so naming might not be accurate
  7. Hey... Im not saying HDD is a terrible Idea, its just not great. I hosted a server on my PC with an HDD and it seemed ok, but I went out and bought a small 128GB SolidState for about $110.... and it makes a world of a difference. Not just for performance of the server, but startup of the computer as well as startup of the server, and things like WorldEdit, World border fill, dynmap, etc.

    As for wires, i dont really know the terms for wires.. my computer is plugged right into the modem/router. IF your wifi is faster then I guess go with that, the only problem is wifi signal isnt consistent. It may seem great when doing general web search, but remember a server is like a video call...2 way data being sent CONSTANTLY back and forth!
  8. Unlimited data?

    That's fantastic. So I can transfer their 1gbit up/down at 99% capacity 24/7 for 5 years in a row without having any issues?
  9. I guess the moral of the story here is "You are as strong as your weakest link", which in your case is "Upload Speed: 16.3 Mbps"
    Your server may perform very well, and depending on the types of plugins you use, with up to about 20 players I'd say.
    Anything over that, your players will probably start to see some slight rubber banding.
    Anything over 40 players, probably some serious rubber banding, and again depending on which plugins you are using, players may start to see problems with plugins.
  10. For HDD, you are correct, but i simply think its not something worth going out of my war for. I could be wrong though.

    As for internet, it is true cable is more stable though not always faster, so i thought i'd mention something that the server builder guy also told me:
    He sometimes has both, and a system to check if wireless is working, and when it isnt, it immediately switches to cable, which he had to use once when working on a reallllllly old house
  11. im no network expert... but from past experience with this kind of stuff, your wired and wireless connections have 2 different local IP's so the data transferred between server --> router --> client... would end up getting messed up, and cause lose of data if you are switching between wired and wireless.

    I guess for some instances this may be fine, but for a game that is sending packets back and forth constantly, Im going to take a wild guess and assume that some packets will be lost
  12. I dont know the specifics, but what i said is roughly quoting the guy, but it was a while ago and i might have misunderstood something