How do I make it so that swords with attack damages over 7 get reverted?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by VoCo_Smok_ey, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Hi so I run an anarchy server and people are getting diamond swords with 10000000 attack damage please help
  2. people with normal permissions shouldn't be allowed to do that, what plugins do you have?
  3. This isn't supposed to happen. What version? This is possibly a bug in one of your plugins. Otherwise I would create a custom plugin that revert diamond swords to 7
  4. people have creative lol
  5. I just want them reverted
    I also added a plugin to stop people from dropping stuff in gmc and other stuff
  6. Where could I get this plugin
  7. Custom made as I said. Go to hire developer section and ask for it (you'll need money). Or post into one of the spigot subforum and ask for someone to kindly make it for free
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    Don't give people that you can't trust creative...
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  9. It’s also possible to obtain illegal weapons like the ones that OP is describing using cheat clients that take advantage of exploits. Just look at 2b2t. No one’s ever had creative on that server, yet plenty of people have had extremely powerful, often insta-kill swords in the past (and some still have them). See this video for reference.

    OP is running an anarchy server, so I assume that cheating is allowed there. Therefore, it’s not surprising that players have such powerful weapons. Then again, OP also said that people have creative mode, so that makes it even easier to get these weapons. You don’t even have to use any exploits in that case. :coffee: