How do I make my IP not change?

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  1. Hello! I have a question for everyone... I make servers and I was buying a lot of hosts and than I found out that I can host a server on my own computer. But there's an issue! I make my server publish it and IP changes thourgh 1-2 days or less. I was wondering if there is any way to make that stop. I host server, then I got to and I grab that IP and i post it on social media, players join and suddenly everyone leaves but me. Then I realise IP changed so I have to go to again to grab NEW IP and give it to players so they can join again. It's really annoying and makes a lot of players leave forever. Please help!
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    The odds that your ISP will just flip a switch and give you static is like 0.000000000000000000001% lol. Typically you need a business account to get static IPs, and those cost a bit more. My business account with Comcast (obtained for the same reason - I wanted static IPs) runs me $252 a month. That's highest tier speed though, it's available as cheap as ~$90 a month but at a horrid 16mbps hehe. Well, techically it's $60/mo but that's w/o statics. Adding static increases the bill by like $25 or $30 bucks or something. That's just Comcast though, maybe you'd have better luck with your ISP.

    A cheaper option (i.e. free) would be to use a DynDNS / noip type solution. You download and install a client on your machine that checks your IP every few minutes. When you start the account, you choose a subdomain like That DNS entry gets updated by the client on your machine so it will always point to your IP even if it changes. Your players just use the DNS name to join then instead of IP.
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  3. Here in the Netherlands most people have a "free" static IP, we don't have to pay extra for it.
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    True, I should have qualified my post by saying "In my experiences in my area". The US sucks, sadly, when it comes to our access to the internet. Most other countries offer far greater speeds and options for far less money.

    I already work from home; if I could just get my boss to agree that I will never be needed for in person meetings I'd jump ship in a heartbeat lol.
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  5. I wouldn't homehost if I were you - I can vouch for, you install an application on your PC and enter your API key, then it automatically updates the IP for your subdomain.
    EDIT: I used to have a dynamic IP, then I just bit the bullet and paid the extra $10/mo for a static. Verizon is awesome, the plans are pretty cheap, they don't charge a lot extra for multiple IPs...
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    Fios has great speeds, but you aren't allowed to run servers on their residential network unfortunately.
  7. You aren't? Oh well. I only use it for a couple friends and I to dick around on and test plugins...
  8. Ok so I had this problem with my server too. So to fix this login into your router. (If you don't know how I can help, message me back). Then go to connected devices or something similar (depends on your wifi provider, I have Xfinity) then edit the device you run the server on. Then click the box where it says reserve ip. Once you have done that it should work every time.
  9. Good intent, but that has nothing to do with it.

    @pMata1403 home-hosting is just a bad idea for a large number of reasons, this being one of them.