how do i make someone re spawn in the world they died in

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  1. i want to know how to make it so when players died in a world they re spawn in that world spawn of that world instead of re spawning back in the hub my server is not a buggney server its just one server with many other worlds that have other plugins in them i'm just wondering what to do to fix this problem i have.
  2. Get good grammar, that's how.
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  3. Just use the command /swset to set the spawn point for the world you want players to respawn in using the plugin included

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  4. If you use multiverse you have an option "respawn world"
  5. I expect you to run Essentials since you have 'set your spawn in a hub'.
    In that case open up your Essentials config, scroll all the way down, there's an option respawn-listener-priority
    Simply set that to lowest, that will make Essentials give up the priority to spawn them on the pre-set spawn, and they'll just spawn on the world spawn they died in.