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  1. First of all, this is not a resource. That tag is intended for people posting things like APIs <3
    But on topic, I'm assuming you're having an issue making the player fall slowly? Try giving the player a potion effect of levitation at about level 210, that should give you the desired effect.
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    Well, I think you would be checking the distance between the player and the chicken, and if it is more than the max amount you want you would calculate the vector based on the distance between the player and the chicken and then set the player velocity to align it right. While this check is being done you would also make a check (run at the same time as the other one) how far the player is from the ground, once they get to the cut-off distance (how many blocks from the ground you want the parachute to cut-off), and then you would cancel the runnable that would be running these checks.
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    remove the resource tag. really, what made you put the 'resource' tag, im very curious
  4. Unfortunately, this would be incredibly jerky for the player and prevent them from moving midair (one of many qualities of a parachute), whereas just giving the player a potion effect is far more effective at providing the player, even with high ping, a pleasant descent, along with allowing you to avoid expensive checks and loops.
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    I had no idea a potion of levitation was a thing/possible! Obviously the way I suggested was very out of the way and has possible bugs but I have not played past 1.8 so this is nice to see.
  6. You guys that got stuck on the 1.8 "but mah pee vee pee" bandwagon are missing out on so much cool stuff ;)
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