How do I stop (D)dos attacks?

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  1. Hello,

    I am starting a minecraft server. I have bought a dedicated from and I was wanting to know what you would recommend to me to stop and or slow down ddos or dos attacks. I have heard of IPTables, but sadly I do not know how to set them up. To come to a fast conclusion is someone willing to help me set up things to stop and or slow down ddos attacks?

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  2. Have you ran a large server in the past? I run hosted so most hosts have build in ddos protection. But since your doing a dedicated ip directly from a data center I assume your expecting a lot of players very soon and are trying to cut costs? I would contact the guys your with first to see if they offer ddos protection. Ive seen some people send their connection out to a center to have it ddos'ed protected and then it goes out to the players, but can have major connection issues (they send it out over 500+ miles).

    Forgive me if i said anything stupid. But hey its just my two cents I have to offer.

    Good luck. Hope someone can drop in soon and offer some knowledge.
  3. OVH servers have ddos protection.
  4. The majority is all on OVH to mitigate.
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  5. Alright good to hear! Hope to see you on my server in the near future!
  6. or you can unplug your server from the network... you will never get dos ;)...but just get decent ddos protection service from reputable company.

    good luck with your server.
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  7. Haha. Thank you!
  8. DoS is not something you should have to worry about at all if you know what you're doing ;)
  9. ?? you do not normally get your hands on DDos mitigation service, you typically purchase a service...You should worry about DDos if you know what you're doing and have an adequate prevention in place.

    Ofc, unless you're actually providing DDos mitigation service.

    EDIT: Unplugging is the best solution I've ever used!
  10. One 'D' DoS. Not DDoS.
  11. Go to the IP tab in your OVH panel and change the mitigation mode from automatic to permanent.
    As seen here:
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  12. i was ofc, referring to Distributed Dos...
  13. And I was of course referring to DoS. Its easy to ban an ip.
  14. OP was talking about ddos..
  15. The title implied both DoS and DDoS.
  16. Yes and if can handle Ddos, that can easily cover cases of dos but other way around is not always true.
  17. I never said it was.
  18. DDOS = A lot of DOS

    Just saying, your server can never vulnerable to "DOS" attacks unless you setup things incorrectly. Which means a naughty kid cannot bring your server DOWN.
    Back to DDOS, if the attackers really goes business, and they reach your provider's firewall limit, there will be a problem, but hard.

    Just do not worry about too much. You don't have to worry about earthquakes/storms/armageddons everyday in your life. They just do not happen that serious.
  19. aka run Apache
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  20. Running Apache is not going to protect you from DDos nor Dos...