How do MC Server Hosting work?

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  1. Hello, I am currently learning Web Development and I am trying to practice my skills by building a demo Minecraft Server hosting web application.

    I am making an admin panel where admin can see the console log, start and shut down the server and execute commands.

    At the moment, I am clueless as to how can I make my backend communicate with server hosted somewhere.

    I contacted a friend who already owns a server host, and he said that they use Docker containers for hosting servers. I know Docker a bit, but then I have a doubt as to how can I control Docker containers from another machine.

    If you know or have experience with this, please help me out!
  2. Pterodactyl runs each Minecraft server inside a Docker container. It uses a daemon (called Wings) to control these Docker containers on each node and to provide an API for the panel to communicate with.
    Multicraft works in a similar way also, however it doesn't use Docker out of the box.
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  3. Thank you!