How do we use the new tabList?

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  1. Alot of changes were made recently to the tab lists

    previously i had one that derived a new class extending GlobalPing and added to some of the functions, and set it with

    now these don't work
    i am not sure how to use it, it looks like the code is creating a handler per connection but i don't see a way to set it, and im not sure where to set it

    do i have to have a seperate object per connection or can i share one? cause i also see it calling init on every connection
  2. md_5

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    I think I answered this in your github comment.
    Its a new object per connection, set in the PostLoginEvent
  3. thanks
    i also posted an issue (on github) for connection problems im seeing

    when using some other plugins (BungeeBan and BungeeYAML) OR using a custom build of mine which does some extra authentication with my own server (that part works) the async response from minecraft never returns

    on build 520
  4. what ? There was a recent problem with AsyncEvent that was fixed in the very latest build that was hitting BungeeBan (and potentially other plugins/custom bungeecord builds) that could lead to login timeouts.
  5. cool good to hear, thanks for the heads up