How do you come up with original server names?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by jacksonspham, May 8, 2021.

  1. Seeking advice in creating server names
  2. I usually start by thinking about the theme or overall feel I want my server to have, I then look to find .com domains available with the names I can think of. Once I get 5-10 names I ask close friends which they prefer.
  3. Its cool to have .com domain but only very unique domain names have chance to get that luxury. Imo if you not gonna do any SEO then its alright if you use .net or something even less common. As long as its memorable.
  4. Think about a simple word and try to make that word unique
  5. Any of those website are not good names, think if something you like or a pet name, in this instance when I was coming up with one I was in to space and the moon (my cat’s name is moonlite as well) so I chose eclipse. In this case I was lazy and just threw in MC or Minecraft at the end so eclipse+Minecraft or eclipse+MC sound pretty good

    EDIT: also try and stick to your server’s theme