How Do You Fix A Corrupted Chunk?

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  1. Hello! I believe that I have a corrupted chunk on my server, though I can't really be certain, as I cannot find any definition of "corrupted chunk" anywhere. (So I'd also really appreciate it if someone could give me a definition...)

    Here's why I think it's corrupted:
    - It lags the whole server when I enter that area
    - PlotSquared took much longer than usual to clear/delete it
    - There was some redstone there that may have been kind of hokey. Honestly, I thought that clearing the plot would take care of the lag, so I just cleared it. (/ps clear & /ps delete) I have one picture of part of it, but I'd rather not post it here. I took the picture to show the staff team an obscene structure that the guy built..

    Anyway, how do you fix a specific region? (It's a 100x100 area, so not really a chunk, but a few)
    I've tried to Google it, yes, but most places say "Just MCEdit it" or whatever software they chose. However, I don't know how to use McEdit, or the other software. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me, in terms I'd hopefully understand, how I would go about fixing this chunk. I've owned the server for over a year, so I understand the basic terms like console, jar, directory, etc. But when someone tells me to "add MCEdit to the server", I don't know where. It doesn't seem to be a plugin, so I wouldn't think it would go into the plugins folder. But I really don't know. Any help would be much appreciated. [I don't have any particular software or technique I'm after, MCEdit was just one of the popular ones suggested]

    Also, I have a host, not my own personal computer. The control panel is Pterodactyl, if that matters. We're on 1.12.2.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I should add or clarify.

    Thank you to anyone with suggestions!
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  2. Strahan


    MCedit is the easiest/quickest way to go. It's not a plugin, it's a program you download and run. Go here and download it. 64 bit preferably if you are on Windows.

    I'm bored and have nothing better to do at 4 AM so I'll make a little tutorial.

    Hmm. That didn't go very well, lol. Apparently MCedit has updated significantly since I've last used it. Also seems to have some bugs. I thought the deleted chunks would regenerate automatically, but found they did not. I ended up deleting the chunks with MCedit then using WorldEdit to regenerate the land. As I mumble about in the video, I'm not sure if WorldEdit's //regen will wipe the chunks clean before regenerating or not. If it does, you may not need to use MCedit at all. Try making a region encompassing the problem area then do //regen. If it still has issues, you can destroy the chunks entirely with MCedit then do regen after.

    Maybe someone more familiar with MCedit can explain why it didn't work right for me, but here is my experience using it. A bit bumbling as it didn't work quite as I wanted/expected, but I still achieved the desired result lol

  3. MCedit as Strahan mentioned is a great tool
  4. Corrupted chunks will typically crash the server when they are loaded, so it's possible that you have another issue such as redstone, a large amount of entities or a plugin causing this. What type of lag are you experiencing? Is it FPS lag or server lag? I would recommend running Spigot Timings (/timings on) and then enter the area to replicate the lag, then leave again (if possible) and generate the timings report (/timings paste). This will help you determine what the cause is if it's lagging the server.

    Here's a guide for fixing corrupted chunks:
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