How do you get a more mature community without removing accessibility?

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  1. Hello, I was wondering how can I have a more mature community on a server?
    I don't want to enable a whitelist with only users registered on website... That would be limiting accessibility.
    Thank you.
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  2. Not really "my" server, but like "a" server.
  3. Generally the best way is to be mature yourself. This seems like a concept you’re still learning though, so the best option for you is to hire older, more mature staff, and you need to stay out of the way.
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  4. More mature community = older community. That's the only way it'll work, is if you ban/disallow younger kids and only let in older people.
  5. @Perotin but here's my question, how can I disallow younger kids without limiting accessibility?
  6. As long as you manage the community properly, I don't see why there would be issues with an "immature" community. How do you define "maturity" in this case anyways? Do you want an older range of players/less younger players? Do you wish players would quit (i.e.:) calling each other names and breaking rules?

    Why would you want to disallow younger kids?
  7. I would like more older players, and not less younger players. I will show you my "immature" community:

    Player joins.
    Player2 joins.
    Player say "heyyyy lul xDDDD come in skywars fight me noobbb"
    Player2 say "okk loll stupid idiot ur mom gay"
    Player say "no u"
    SkyWars game begins...
    Player lose SkyWars
    Player say "u cheaterr!!!!!!!! **** this serverrr!!"
    Player2 say "lool noob kk bye"

  8. Because younger kids are immature (in general, don't show me some obscure example of a 10yr old buddhist monk). This is just facts, look on minecraftforums and you'll find a bunch of small but really wholesome communities because they're made out of 18+ or sometimes even older members.

    You physically can't. You need to pick one or the other, or just let the players decide what type of community you will be.
  9. I have quite a mature community for my player base. I did that by constantly removing toxic people out of the community, and reminding my community about the server's vision and goal, which is to allow everyone to have fun.
  10. A more mature and supportive community would be something not learning towards a competitive side. Communities such as factions learn towards more toxicness because of course, people get mad in games and in especially competitive parts. I found that 1.13 survival communities are much more upbeat in a sort of way and others are looking out for each other. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep up good staff, I know that's kind of common sense but you'd be surprised
  11. Put your regular members in respectable groups that aren't automated.

    Pur your 'new' members into a default group that can only get perks and privs if they become regulars.

    This widens the gap between new players who just try stuff out and have no intention to stay (or just cheap and grief)
    and the group of people who can be recognized for being there for a while who earned their stripes for being good players, nice players, helpful players, fun builders, etc. Just pick up a couple or a few of them each month, especially if they've helped bring in more players in the past (dont update them the same day/week/month of course).

    Rewarding your 'veterans' with some additional group/rank whatever, makes them feel picked out, involved, valued, .. for the time that they've played. And you can msg them saying: hey there, btw, you will get an update in your rank/group soon, because you're super helpful a nice person, dont use cheats and have brought on some players, enjoy.

    Plus, if your server is under attack, you can just whitelist it, and give a whitelist perm for the veteran group to access the server anyway.
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  12. Also worth noting that where you advertise will affect it. If you pay a YouTuber that has a younger fan base (e.g. fortnite clickbaity content), you'll get a younger playerbase
  13. I think that is more or less common sense really, the same thing with spamming your server on server lists to get people hungry for staff and hackers. I say word to mouth is the preferred option to start up just for those few good players to knock out the new players when you do invest heavily in advertising.
  14. I think the content of your server matters as well. I think about wynncraft or something with more advanced, in-depth gameplay and really no immature player is going to participate in that. You look at mineplex where its something like simple minigames and its easy for any little kid to pick up and play.

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