How do you get votes?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Eelviny, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I'm mostly just interested to see how Spigot people deal with votes, and how I could improve mine :p
    So, my question is: How do you encourage voting?

    I personally largely base my servers around the plugin GriefPrevention, and so I make players vote for the server to earn claim blocks. Of course, this works if there's newbies around, but after a while players get to the size they want and don't need more claim blocks. With mine being JustSurvival and all, I'm not too keen on going down the voting for items route. Any ideas on how to improve?
  2. If you don't want to reward items, reward experience! I reward 2 levels per vote. That ads up to about 8 levels per day. Since it takes more experience to level up when you get to higher levels in game, it encourages more voting. I also give the first level of VIP rank to my top voters every month.
  3. I'm liking the idea. I might try and make a Votifier addon that randomly gives out xp and claim blocks on vote. Would make it more unpredictable and a will make it a bit different every day.
  4. Happy I could help. :)
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  5. I've had many people request a donation feature for money, I never liked the idea of it, but instead I used that idea for voting instead.
    I currently have about 10 server lists for vote, up to $350 per day. If the users are smart, some lists allows more than one vote per 24 hours.
  6. Yeah, I noticed that some server lists do that, so I made it only give the reward to players every 24 hours. I don't really want players getting the claim blocks that fast.
  7. Maybe a contest? The top voters get a prize every month/week? Or some kind of credit system, users gets credits for voting on serverlists. Then they can use the credits for ranks or items.

    50 credits = x claim blocks

    100 credits = Rank1 (30 days)

    250 credits = Rank2 (30 days)

    1000 credits = OP :)eek:)
  8. Players get $100 + 50xp per vote and if they vote on all the links they also get 2 emeralds.
    I also give the top 5 monthly voters a $20 donate coupon :)
  9. I think the idea of having a 'voting streak' would work well, I would set it at something like voting for 3 days gets you X (Not decided) and voting for a week gives the lowest tier VIP for 3 days. VIP for voting would greatly encourage players to vote.
  10. How would you get votes on a creative server I got 9000 votes last month but this month I only got 1000 :/
    When you vote you get all the WorldEdit command (never expires)
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    Bill [​IMG]

    Users will earn 1 reward point per vote. These points can be used to claim cash prizes, and sometime in the future; Ranks.
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