How do you IP forward?

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  1. Currently running a home hosted server, and I'm looking to open up the server so I can test it with friends, only thing is you need to ip forward, this is my first time hosting a home server, since I usually use a hosting service, but I decided to give home hosting a shot, would anyone be able to give me some information on ip forwarding, and how would you do it? Possibly guide me along the way.
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  3. Tried doing that, but for some reason the settings my at8t website told me to do, weren't located there.

    Will do the wikihow, and let you know if it doesn't work.
  4. Update:

    I already port forwarded my router (Arris router)
    I added the mc server to my firewall exclusions.
    I set the server ip to my IPv4 address.

    The IP with the port works on my computer (like always), but if I enter it in another computer or my friend uses it, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Try to forward trough a vpn that supports port forwarding
  6. What, lol? My rounter does support port forwarding?
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    You should leave server.ip in the properties blank. It's only meant to be used in the case of multihomed machines where you need to force binding to one specific adapter.

    Do you have another machine on your local network you can try to connect to the server with?
  8. Are you using the correct ip? This may seem like a dumb question, but so many people use the wrong one that I have to ask.

    There are 2 types of ip addresses that you could be using to connect: Local and External. The local ip address is the ip address of your device used within your local network. It often is formatted "192.168.x.xx". This only works on your local network. External ip addresses is the address to your router, which can be seen publicly. You can see this by visiting websites like

    To me, it sounds like you are using your local ip address instead of the external. Your local ip address will work on your local network without port forwarding. However, your external ip address will only work when port forwarding, even when used on the local network. It can also not be accessed outside of your local network, which would explain why your friend cannot access it, while you can.
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  9. and your internett provider because i know internet provider that dont allow you forwarding ports
  10. Did you tested if the port is open? If not test it here and dont forget the server should be listening on that port while testing
  11. I left it blank before, will try to leave it blank again.

    Yes I tested it on another machine on my local network, but that computer was Ethernet connected, it still didn't work on that computer with the IPv4 address + server port.

    Don't quite understand what your talking about, maybe PM me about it, so I can get a better understanding of what your saying.
    I'm pretty sure I used my wireless IPv4 address, don't know if that's a problem or not? My IP addresses found on whatsmyip is a different one, however.

    My internet provider does support it? I searched it up, and already port forwarded my IP, but somehow it still isn't working.

    If anyone could help me solve this issue, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    You need to use a 'public ip', the one that you see on whatsmyip, for others to connect to a home hosted server.
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    If that didn't work, then it has nothing to do with your port forwarding. Or rather, port forwarding may be broken but that's a "downstream" problem and irrelevant while LAN machines can't even connect. The server machine is likely blocking access to 25565.
  14. So, umm. How do I fix the issue?
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    Open 25565 on your PC's firewall. I've had problems in the past with program rules, I prefer to just create a TCP port rule. Also if you installed any third party security software, they may include their own firewalls so aside from opening the Windows one check and be sure you don't have another layer operating due to third party software.

    Once you can have a LAN PC connect to your machine, then move on to getting internet PCs to work.
  16. Still do need help with this, I asked a well-known developer to help me with this IP issue, however they couldn't figure it out, if anyone wants to help me through anydesk that is trust-able on this site, feel free to PM me.
  17. First provide some of your server environment like
    operating system so we can say go to firewall settings make a custom firewall rule or disable you firewall first for testing
    any firewall related software running? like anti virus? as some of them blocks software until given permission (oh the headache Bit Defender lol)
    if your comfortable provide your public IP? so we can ping it? you ask for participants and message them.

    An advice: some isp disables/blocks home hosting features to avoid abuse.
    if you are inside a isp sub network your public ip will not work as it will be shared by multiple users.
    ISP do this to expand consumer ip tables because of ip shortage especially with residence class connections
    if you are then there is nothing we can do. EXCEPT for you to upgrade your ip address to a static one which will cost you additional.
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    Many providers won't even let you do that without transitioning your account to a commercial one.
  19. I live in a house with my parents, I assume you mean I'm a adult living in a apartment or hotel?

    Not any firewall related service that I know of.

    Why would you need to ping my IP address just wondering?
  20. So we could test if your server is accessible? or we could join?
    No we do not mean anything about your personal life take all our post as technical.
    We do not care if you are a 90 year old living in a cave lol.
    We just want to inform you of the issues a residential connection may face so you could asses your situation.

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