How do you make a Plot World?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Odi, May 14, 2015.

  1. Odi


    I'm a bit unsure, of how to make a PlotMe World with Multiverse-Core.
    Whenever I make it, using this command:
    /mv create plots world -g plotme
    It just makes a random world, any assistance?
    Thank you.
  2. /mv create plotworld -g PlotMe-DefaultGenerator
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  3. Odi


    Thank you so much.
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  4. you mean
    /mv create plotworld normal -g PlotMe-DefaultGenerator
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  5. PlotMe is discontinued, just saying. There are better options out there ;)
  6. It is still has a version for 1.8.1 (i think) so ill use it till minecraft 1.9 comes out
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  7. thanks for all of this you helpt me very much
  8. Thanks everyone you just answered my query
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