How do you really learn?

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  1. Hello. 3 months ago, I started scripting. I started with "on join", "death messages" etc. But now I want to make a minigame. When I watch videos on youtube, it's too difficult for me. They advise to just practice a lot, but even that's no use to me. How do you really learn to make minigames? I don't think visiting websites and forums really works. And then I wonder how do these other people learn? On the one hand, I wonder if I'll hire someone to teach me. For example, the image. I don't get that. Any tips? Schermopname (185).png
  2. the image you have given is a really low quality minigame, the person who made it didn't have a good idea of what they're doing (I wouldn't recommend anyone to run this)

    I recommend learning the logic of programming in general, then you can create anything as it's all only logic at the end
  3. Hello!, Im developer of skrips and java, you can start with algorithm or idea [​IMG]
  4. I wouldn’t use scripts as a whole :D
  5. Don't reply if it won't help.
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  6. that’s what i did ;7