How do you setup litebans with web interface?

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  1. How to copy paste from the plugin page 101:


    The web interface can be downloaded here:
    (ZIP archive)

    Supports MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    Requires a PHP 5 web server with PDO support.

    Note: The web interface is intended for users who already have a website.
    Without an existing website it cannot be installed.
    The web interface cannot be directly hosted on Enjin (see FAQ).

    In order for the web interface to work, your MySQL database must be externally accessible for both the plugin and the website. MySQL servers are not configured by default to allow remote connections.
    Web hosts generally do not allow their MySQL databases to be accessed remotely, so the plugin will not be able to connect to these databases.

    Installation steps:
    1. Download the latest version of the web interface here.
    2. Extract the files onto your web server. The directory "litebans-php-master" will contain all extracted files, you can rename it or move the files inside of it as needed.
    3. Browse to the location on your website where the files were extracted to. If your website is "" and the web interface directory is named "bans", visit "".
    4. Follow the instructions that are given to you by the web interface. You will need to edit inc/settings.php, so edit this file and replace the existing file, wherever it is located. The web interface needs to be configured to connect to the same MySQL database which the plugin is connecting to, so your MySQL server needs to be capable of accepting external connections from both the plugin and the web server.
  2. Ingame, setup a mysql database and connect litebans to it. Remember the credentials. On cpanel, click on file manager, public_html (may be called public) and upload the web interface files. Once up, extract them through cpanel. Navigate to url.tld/index.php and follow the instructions on screen. When it asks for mysql credentials, put the same credentials in as you used for cpanel.