How do you train and manage staff members?

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  1. So my strong suit has never really been training staff. I usually give them a rules document that is very specific to teach them how to properly punish and manager players, and then go in a skype call and tell them a few other things about being staff, but I feel like its a bad method of training staff, and want a more official way to train my staff members.

    Any suggestions / How do you train your staff?
  2. I usually type up a punishment guide that tells them exactly what commands to run. I find this a great method to see which staff members can adapt to the community quicker. If they have a question, they can just ask.
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  3. Great staff will simply have a understanding of what to do and how to do it. I don't mean commands and stuff, but rather how they should act and staff.
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  4. I suppose, but still like I know mineplex has a "professional" way of training staff, does anybody have something similar or know what they do?
  5. I normaly go on a alt and ask questions etc while the new staff is on. And after a while i start to break some rules to check what he does. Its kinda a test.
  6. Config


    We have a trial rank in which users receive before being promoted to the full moderator status. The trial rank has about half the commands mod has, but not enough to cause damage. After a week or two of the trial phase, they get a full promotion to moderator.

    We also have a staff guide which is updated weekly, and two staff managers from different timezones to make sure staff are doing their job.
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  7. On my server, when we first elect a new staff member, they start off as a Temp-Moderator. This is a month long time period where we watch and other players watch and evaluate their methods and their play time and other things like that. I love this process because we allow the community to have a say in their election and their evaluations over time. Whenever a time period of waiting is over and it is time for them to be evaluated for the next staff rank we put very careful consideration into it. But it is mostly the players choice because we don't want our players to have a bad experience with a bad staff member.
  8. I like to mess with them kinda. Get a random server and say wanna grief it and see what they respond to. If they say sure you can't trust them. But don't push it too far or it will be your fault.
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  9. Potatos need training? oh
  10. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    We have stickied threads in our staff forums for them to read and go over before we begin training, and then I setup dates for any new staff to meet up in our TS3 server so we can easily chat and train. Then I have a spot setup on our Survival server to teach them things, chat, show how certain commands work, what to do and what not to do, etc. I have a cheat sheet I use so I can keep things neat and explain things easier and not just ramble on like I tend to.

    And my wife has a home she loves to grief during training, when our new Admins are learning rollback and restore commands :p
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  11. I think the best way to train your staff is to have some guidelines they need to follow and leave the rest up to them. If you have really thought out your application then the people you bring on should be already be mature enough to take on problems. My best advice to you is to make connections with your staff and boost their motivation so they will be happier while working with you.
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  12. Another idea is put them in a tester, observe them and see what they do. (Go in /v or /vanish)
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  13. Does anyone one have a document example? of there guideline for their server? I would love to see it if you don't mind :)

    If you don't mind could I see your guideline or document if you don't mind?
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  14. Pay them, makes they work more and correctly :) and a guide of how 2 punish
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  15. SpacePuppeh


    This is it – dealing with people is not programing a plugin. It's more of an intuition thing. If they don't share your opinion of how to staff a server, it likely won't work. People change if they are themselves convinced to do so, and at that point they've already changed. Lol...
  16. Agree. While I'm all for some degree of automation (anti-cheat, chat censoring, help messages, etc), I feel like promoting someone to being staff is more than just their ability to use commands and knowledge of the server.

    I feel like you're referring to something here, but... :p I agree but disagree. Staff should have a fundamental agreement of how the server should run, however I think a different viewpoint of some things is something that is also important to a staff team -- a different point of view brings a different perspective, which isn't a bad thing, and opens potential room for improvement and change.

    Not entirely sure what you mean here... what does changing have to do with staff? What, staff changing opinion? o_O By nature, people can have a change of opinion; and that isn't a bad thing at all -- different servers are run by different methodologies. However, in the sense of staff changing in opinion -- it could be good or bad, depending on the situation. I've had staff with differing in opinion but it brought opportunities for me to see things differently, and thus improve some things about my server. However, I've also had people that had a severe difference in opinion -- which is okay -- but it eventually didn't work out.

    Anywho, my two cents:

    I never liked the idea of applications (I know you didn't mention it in your post, @OP, but...), so what I did was watch players for behavior, and if I thought he or she was a good fit, I'd promote him or her. Then, I would send a document, similarly to what you're doing, but it only contained information on command syntax and such; as I said above, I don't think it's a matter of telling them which exact commands to run for every possible situation, otherwise anyone could be staff. I agree with @SpacePuppeh, I think it's certainly more of an intuition thing.
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  17. SpacePuppeh


    @William79 good points there. About the second message quoted, yeah I thought about including those details but didn't. Yes having unanimous agreement has downsides. It needs a sort of balance.

    I don't like self applications either – too much in the direction of "I need OP" lol.

    The last message quoted was a philosophical argument regarding self improvement. Maybe I'd better not get into that in this thread for the sake of brevity.
  18. Like others have mentioned, what makes regular players different from staff members is that staff members are capable of keeping their calm and acting mature. You'll know a staff member when you see one is all I can say.

    After I accept their app, I just throw them a staff documentation booklet and give them trial ranks to make sure they are capable of staffing other players.