Solved How do you use Block.setBlockData(...)?

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  1. I'm running into a bunch of cases where I need an instance of BlockData, but I have no idea how to create an instance of it. I'm trying to figure out how to actually change a block type + add any relevant settings for that block type as well. And I want to do it in an efficient way so that if I ever wanted to do a custom world generator it would be efficient enough to work for that. Can we put together a guide for using BlockData? I was searching and could not find anything about it.

    p.sendBlockChange(location, BLOCKDATA);
  2. BlockData blockData = Material.OAK_STAIRS.createBlockData();
    If you need to set BlockData data values, cast blockData to the appropriate class and then use the associated methods:
    Stairs stairs = (Stairs) blockData;
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  3. Love youuuuu. Thanks a million man.