How do you usually go with ban appeals?

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    So as many of you know, we just started a new server ( and we started to get a lot of players joining like 20 to 25 average on a good day and 15-20 on a ok day. Some days I just rent a .org slot from Mc-Market and I get a hell lot of players joining. We find that usually 10 are hackers out of the 80 people that join. Some of them actually appeal for being banned so I just wanted to know some ways you guys prove that someone isn't hacking. I heard some people screen share but can't the person just delete their hacks then screenshare? Some people said to just submit your files on dropbox and send them to me and I should review them to make sure they wern't modified but again cant they just remove the files?

    So if you own some kind of server that you can hack on (ermm, which I think on all servers you can) how do you evaluate ban appeals?
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    Screenshare them while their pvping and see the difference in PVP when their not screen sharing you, and they are.

    Also, check their versions folder with the last date edited, and if it's anywhere recent those are obvious hacks.
  3. Oh I like the most edited date. Thanks for the suggestions :)
  4. When you first ban them, make sure you record their hacks so you have evidence against their appeal. If they post proof that they weren't hacking during the fight (with a video from their perspective) then you can accept their appeal.

    Another way of handling this is asking the player you think is hacking to screen-share them. If they refuse or log off, you are safe to ban them. But be sure to take a screenshot of them logging off / refusing to comply with screen-sharing.
  5. If you ban them for hacking, you know they were hacking.
    If they appeal it's up to you if you think they should have a second chance or not.
    Screensharing is absolutely ridiculous and an unnecessary intrusion of privacy. You should have no reason to do so if they were hacking obviously enough to be banned.
    I've set my NCP config to allow players to use any hacks, but once they do use it I'm notified, it makes for finding hackers extremely easy as they tend to abuse the fact that they can use any hack.
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  6. I don't find certain hacks to be a big deal. Examples, freecam, autotool, etc. My problem with hackers is when is gets to a point that they're negatively impacting other player's game experience. Examples, kill-aura, aimbot, xray (finding vaults and such). I'd probably be more willing to unban a player that was using hacks that wasn't directly affecting other players.
  7. If they hacked, sometimes I deny their appeal unless it is thought out. We dont put a format on player's appeals as we want them to come up with their own and give us reasons of why we should let them back on (of course thats different unless they were punished WRONGLY) Mostly, you cant be bias too thats why we have admins+ and specific staff members that dont have any interactions with them to handle reports/appeals. If it is good and you think they deserve a second chance, Id accept or lower their ban :)
  8. Make sure you are 100% certain that the user is hacking, for example look for the head spinning around in a weird way when fighting multiple mobs.

    In my opinion banning a hacker should always be permanent and non-appealable. If you catch them hacking and you give them a second chance, it's very likely they come back with hacks that are barely or un-detectable, such as xray.
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